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Canada's Proposed Fatigue Regulations Fall Short of Ensuring Safer Skies Regulations proposed by Transport Canada are inconsistent with NASA's scientific recommendations Canada's aviation fatigue rules fall short of science: U.S. peers The Air Canada Pilots Association’s CEO, Milt Isaacs, writes in to Ottawa’s The Hill Times to share pilots’ concerns over Canada’s outdated fatigue rules. Pilots invite Canadians to join campaign for Safer Skies Canada's four largest pilot groups join forces to launch Safer Skies – a campaign to petition Transportation Minister Marc Garneau for stronger aviation fatigue regulations. Engineer fatigue a serious problem according to TSB investigator A Global News video that highlights the increased risk of accidents, error, and injury to shift workers because of fatigue and the disruption it causes to their circadian rhythm.  Pilots are too often flying when tired A study released by the London School of Economics (LSE) that found 50% of pilots surveyed did not believe their employers took the issue of pilot fatigue seriously. Figuring out fatigue: A tired brain can hinder performance as much as a tired muscle For professional athletes, researchers are beginning to understand that a tired brain can negatively affect performance as much as a tired muscle. To the N.F.L., 40 Winks Is as Vital as the 40-Yard Dash New technology is helping athletes and shift workers around the world understand and monitor the relationship between sleep and performance. Fatigue management systems for train crews Canada’s Transportation Safety Board puts fatigue on its annual Watchlist Bulletin, citing the pervasiveness of fatigue in the transportation industry and the negative effect it has on human performance. Canadian Flight and Duty Times: The Urgent Need for Change An Air Canada Pilots Association report provides a detailed analysis of the urgent need for safer rest rules for long-haul flights at night. Pilot Fatigue The British Airline Pilots’ Association (BALPA) believe fatigue is now the biggest single threat to flight safety. Airline pilot wins major legal victory on fatigue Captain Mike Simkins was suspended by Thomas Cook Airlines and threatened with dismissal after refusing to fly with over 200 passengers due to fatigue; he fought back and secured a major legal victory. UK pilots' union says fatigue is biggest threat to air safety UK pilots continue to warn the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority about the dangers of fatigue, and the importance of basing aviation regulations on scientific and medical expertise.